29 riders


English Equitation (preliminary event)
Prix Caprilli
Working Trails

  • Level A, Level AP
  • Level B, Level B-I, Level B-IP, Level B-S, Level B-SP
  • Level C-I, Level C-S

* To ensure the 10th National Games offer dignified competitions all proposed events/divisions will be subject to sufficient entries.  If there is insufficient entries (less than 3 competitors / teams), and divisioning is unable to support safe and equitable competition, the event may be withdrawn.


National Equestrian Centre, Werribee Park 


Equestrian is one of the most fascinating sports during the Special Olympics World Games. The balance, the stability and the right communication between the horse and the rider is a key element for success in Equestrian sport.

Dressage Tests

For the 2014 Special Olympics National Games, the following Special Olympics tests will be used for the Dressage competition.  

  • Dressage:                   Special Olympics Test 1 – Level A, B, C


Prix Caprilli

  • Prix Caprilli*:                Special Olympics Test – Level A, RDA Test – Level B, RDA Test – Level C

* The official SO Prix Caprilli test is only for canter riders.  The additional RDA (Riding for the Disabled Association) tests for walk and trot, allows all levels of riders the opportunity to compete in this event. 

English Equitation

English Equitation is obligatory as a preliminary test after horse matching and practicing.

Click on the below classess for the English Equitation diagrams to be used at the 2014 Special Olympics National Games

Working Trials

For the 2014 Special Olympics National Games the Working Trials will be run outdoors in the grass paddock at Werribee Park. Click here for a sample layout of the trial course noting that there will be trees to go around which are not shown on the map. Due to the trees, the course will change slightly but the obstacles will be the same, with the exception of the water (No. 9), there will be a carpet to walk over instead of the water.  If the weather is inclement the event will be held indoors.

Countdown to the Games

87 days 9 hours 38 mins
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